God is always present, but before you can demonstrate the presence of God to others in the marketplace, it’s important to cultivate an active awareness of His presence in your own life and business. 

It’s about preparing your heart, seeking Him sincerely, and expecting Him to reveal Himself in the mighty way that He does. 

Have conversations with God throughout the day, talking to Him just like you're talking to a friend.  

Tell Him what’s going on and just listen to what He has to share with you. 

I often ask God “What’s your perspective on this situation?” and ask Him to help me see things from His point of view.  Sometimes He responds by reminding me of a scripture or previous experience or even a conversation with someone. 

Other times He simply becomes a source of peace which makes me realize that everything is going to be ok. Sometimes the response even comes in the form of song lyrics! 

Your Father knows exactly how to connect with you.

Invite God’s presence throughout the day as you go about your ordinary activities. 

Take moments to pause and meditate on His goodness and thank Him for being with you as you work. 

It may feel unusual to you at times, but as you cultivate greater intimacy it eventually becomes as normal as breathing.

Whatever you are hungry for when it comes to growing in your relationship with God, He will satisfy it. 

Expect His presence to transform you from the inside out. 

Thank you Father for opening my eyes and ears. In our busy lifestyles...we forget that YOU are our Daily Bread. And it is YOU that will answer the door when we "return for our keys, with the question..."Forget something"?