Why Doesn’t God End It Now? 

Our powerful God could destroy the Enemy with a single thought. 

Jesus could return in His glory today and set the world straight and give us our glorious and restored bodies – and one day He will!

But God allows Evil to remain and have dominion over those of this world. 


Because God’s greater purpose is to transform us to become like his Son so that we can enjoy the same Father-son relationship as Jesus - even if this takes some time. (see Rom. 8:29) 

God is ultimately patient with us, but right now He is wooing us and calling us out as men. So for now, there is a collision of the kingdom of light with the kingdom of darkness – a battle of Good vs. Evil.

Yet God will use even Evil for His purposes, for “what was intended for evil God will use for good!” (Gen. 50:20)

We must always remember God’s promise: If we “love God and have been called according to His purpose,” then God causes “everything to work together for good.” (Rom. 8:28)

Does that mean God will use even our Enemy’s hateful schemes for our good? 

Yes – everything! 

  • God allowed Satan to tempt Adam and Eve and for them to fall to their sinful natures; 
  • God did not stop Satan from seducing Judas to betray our King; God allowed Satan to destroy Job’s family and fortune; 
  • God allowed a “messenger from Satan” to torment Paul and for Paul to greatly struggle with his own sinful nature; 
  • and God at times allows us to live in suffering and torment. 

The reason? 

The larger story of our redemption, sanctification, and ultimate glorification is more important than destroying Evil at this time! 

But a time is coming! God has a perfect plan over time to bring us into perfect relationship with Himself. 

Yes, there are times when we will feel discouraged and worn down by Evil’s lying assaults and our failed attempts at overcoming our sinful nature. 

But the Enemy, with all of its hateful strategies, will not thwart God’s plan. Just like we should not underestimate Satan’s power of deception, we should not underestimate God’s greater power to redeem. 

If we surrender to our King, He will never leave nor forsake us – in spite of our failures!


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