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Biblical Leadership
Biblical Leadership

Biblical Leadership – Success as a Christ-Centered Leader

This series of short meditations builds on the teachings of the Bible to explore what it really means to be a Christ-centered leader, how to become one, and what challenges you might face. Join us as we dig out the truth from the Bible to help you on your leadership path.

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The last devotional ended on a pretty heavy note – your leadership role, your job, the things you do in life… they all add up.

In this devotional, we’ll take a breath and reflect on where this leaves us and... (More)

The Blessing Are Coming!

The Blessing Are Coming!

Last time, we saw the power of the deceiver and the lie of corporate culture – building you up to be prestigious, respected, and glorified.

This time, we look to the one who is really to... (More)

Beware Of The Big Lie

Beware Of The Big Lie

Last time, we saw that leading from within – including your calling as a new creation in Christ – reduces stress and maximizes your effectiveness and eventual success.

But leading from your true self is... (More)